Our Story

“Will it be comfortable for him?”, “Will it be itchy on her skin? Will this give her rashes?” This is how our story began.  

Being a mum of two I always struggled to find clothes for my kids that were stylish, comfortable, low on allergen, made of natural fabric and yet not too expensive for everyday wear.

Little Cheeks was created based on my personal experiences for parents like me who find it difficult to find kids apparel that will be affordable and breathable at the same time.

My vision is to create a brand that is vibrant yet soothing, practical yet stylish and made of mostly natural fabric that is soft and comfortable for our little super heroes.

Based out of Melbourne, Little Cheeks is an Australian family-owned Business. Watch your child enjoy the most blissful episode of their life, the carefree childhood, dressed in the comfiest manner without compromising even a tad bit on style and trend.