Kids Summer Fashion Ideas 2021

With summer making its way in as we bid goodbye to winter in Australia, it is high time to consider what fashion is ‘in season', especially for kids! We have all seen how angelic Blue Ivy looks alongside her mother Beyonce on the red carpet, and trust us- you are not the only one who’s also looking for trendy fashion ideas for your tiny one this summer. So, please put on your seatbelts and come on in as we look at the trendiest styles for your kids this summer.

Less is More

 Long gone are the days of campy cartoonish motifs and jumbled-up textures in kids' clothing. As sustainability is on the rise, the global fashion industry is embracing the simplicity that lesser and cooler tones bring during the summer. Yes, occasionally it is good to “zhuzh” things up, kids’ fashion is becoming more and more like that of adults. And no, “adult” is in no way the same as boring blacks and dull greys, but instead, colours such as coral, light blue, deep red, sombre greens, and mint are the colours that are taking the lead in the colour palette for this year’s kids’ fashion.

Just look at this adorable sleeveless muslin top for baby girls, and you would know!

Gender, Who?

 It is 2021, and we feel that it is time to free ourselves and our kids from the shackles of gendered clothing, especially when it comes to colours and styles. This summer, the trend is unisex. So, we think it is time to stop referring to Blue as “manly” and Pink as “girly” (Like, have you seen Harry Styles’ ballerina photos?). So, this summer is all about unisex in kids’ clothing (as it should be) just like this dusky pink muslin t-shirt.




Draped in Naturals

 We know how summers in Australia tend to be, and to anyone who’s reading this who doesn’t know about summers in Australia, let us tell you that it is HOT! Being extremely close to the equator (yes, from Geography lessons), summers in Australia tend to be extremely hot and humid. So, for your kids to stay cool, fashionable, and comfortable this summer, natural textiles are the one-stop solution. Let us explain. Natural textiles tend to absorb body sweat and moisture during the hot summer weather in Australia. In contrast, synthetic or polyester-based textiles do not absorb moisture and make bodies extremely uncomfortable. Therefore, the designers are going back to the basics for fashion this summer, sorting out naturally produced fibres and furthering sustainability.

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 We think it is crucial for kids to learn about fashion and develop their own unique taste, because why settle for something unfashionable when we choose not to, right? So, the right accessories are also important. Here you have your purses, belts, glasses, hats, shoes and so on. We are sure that any of you reading this have an inconceivable thirst for accessorizing your and your kids’ looks, and we applaud and welcome you. But, see, here is the deal, an accessory is what makes an outfit “pop” and gives it personality. So, if you want your kid to taste good fashion, accessorize their looks this summer. Throw on a hat and a pair of sunglasses over their denim dungarees and give them a pop of colour with a wristwatch and a belt!

Work that Silhouette

 One of the most important aspects of fashion is the silhouette that a look provides. For kids, the silhouette has always tended to be quite the same, but it need not be! So, this summer, follow the trends of pleats, ruffles, cut-outs and asymmetry for your kids’ wardrobe. Trust us, an asymmetrical kids dress or skirt would make your kids look like something out of a fashion show since this is the season for such trends. So, add a frock with ruffled sleeves and an asymmetrical shirt or a pleated jacket and a cut-out t-shirt to your kids’ fashion rooster this summer.


Other summer fashion ideas for the little Aussie ones include florals (yes, nothing can beat it, right?), polka dots (oh, the classic!), pastels, stripes, checks, sequins, and so on. At the end of the day, it is essential to remember that fashion never stays the same. It is constantly evolving. But what does remain is the style. There is no fixed age, race, or season for style, for it is something that is a part of you. So, this summer, just put on straw hats and pleated linen shirts on your kids and let them play and enjoy the summer months while not compromising on looking fabulous.