Kids Summer Dresses- A Focus On 100% Cotton and Linen

A children’s wardrobe should essentially have a few characteristics. According to experts, a child’s garments should be primarily comfortable and breathable, should have the ability to absorb moisture, and definitely should not cause allergies. Parents are always confused regarding which fabric to go for while shopping for their children’s clothing. Well, linen and 100% cotton are organic fabrics that they can blindly trust for their little ones. These fabrics give ultimate comfort during the harsh summer months, and your little bundle of joy can engage in all sorts of mischief in cotton and linen clothes without feeling exhausted. 

Here are a few qualities of linen and 100% cotton that make them the best choice for your kid’s cotton clothing:

1. Natural fibre: Both linen and cotton are natural fabrics that have a lower environmental impact. With all the sustainability movements getting highlights all over the globe, they are indeed the two most sustainable choices for your child’s clothing. Linen is produced from stalks of flax plants, while cotton is the fibrous part of cotton plants. Apparel made from these two plant parts brings with it the goodness of nature that your child deserves. The garments are supremely soft and non-irritating. Your child can enjoy the best of their time in clothes made out of linen and cotton.          

kids linen dress australia


This beautiful white kids cotton dress in its earthy and sustainable hue is just a perfect fit for your little princess. The dress being woven out of completely natural fibres adds goodness and value to your little one’s life.

2. Breathable and highly absorbent: Both cotton and linen are porous and allow adequate airflow, which is good for your child’s skin. The fabrics absorb water gaining up to 20% of their dry weight without any damp effect, making them perfect for your child’s summer clothing. Good absorbency is a prime requirement for children’s clothing. Clothing made from these fabrics are highly travel-friendly and keep your baby cool in the summer. In addition, the fibres of cotton and linen protect your child’s skin from the harmful rays of the sun. This protection factor of linen and cotton makes them the ideal choice for children garments.

Have a look at this linen girl's top from our assemblage. This yellow linen top is supremely comfortable and breathable. 


 3. Odour-free: One of the remarkable properties of cotton and linen is that they do not retain body odour compared to other synthetic fabrics. As a result, they can be used for long hours without causing any discomfort to the child. These garments will keep your child fresh for longer hours.

4. Easy to maintain: Every mom would be impressed with the idea of an easy-to-care baby clothing option. Both linen and cotton garments are such types that don’t require any special treatment and can be machine-washed. All you need to care about is that not to use bleach on the clothes. These clothes have the power to withstand multiple rounds of wash. Children clothing is subjected to getting dirty, so they are washed numerous times. Cotton and linen clothes are easy to take care of. The chances of these fabrics shrinking after washing is also much less, so clothing made from these fabrics are useful for a longer time. You can simply air-dry the clothes and use them. In linen clothes, you don’t need to iron them thoroughly, as the crinkled effect itself is the beauty of linen.



This linen top in the dusty pink shade has a crinkled effect which makes it look really classy and sophisticated and at the same time provides comfort to your child. You don’t need to stress about ironing it. Inspite of the crinkled effect, the dress doesn’t extend out a shabby look to your child.

6. Hypoallergenic: Cotton and linen don’t cause any allergy to the skin. Hence, both fabrics are ideal for kid’s clothing, even for neonates. It is to be noted that babies have soft and sensitive skin, and synthetic fibres may lead to rashes and allergies. These clothes will keep the skin of your baby safe and secure.

7. Naturally Insect-repelling: It is observed that linen and cotton can naturally repel insects like moths. This is a huge protection factor for your little ones. Clothing from these fabrics saves your child from any unwanted bite marks.

8. Lightweight and Comfortable: Both linen and cotton are incredibly lightweight, breathable and amazingly comfortable. They are ideal for summer wear and the whole year otherwise. Clothes made from these moisture-wicking fabrics are just perfect for your baby’s precious skin. These clothes will allow your child to be comfortable and cheerful.

kids white linen top

For example, have a look at this kids linen sleeveless white top from our collection. It would be an ideal piece for you to shop for your little one’s summer wardrobe. Not only is it extremely lightweight, but also the white colour makes it super soothing.

9. Durability of Linen and Cotton: One of the primary requirements of kids clothing is that it should be durable enough to bear wear and tear. Linen is considered one of the strongest natural fibres. It gets even stronger every time you wash it. The fabric lasts for seasons yet looking marvellous. Cotton is also a moderately strong fibre and does not stress easily. Hence, linen and cotton are the two best choices for kids’ dresses. These garments will be able to tolerate all the mischiefs of your little one.

So, now you know why cotton and linen are two of the finest choices for the clothing fabric of your little bundle of joy. They retain the heat from your baby’s body and release the excess, making your child feel comfortable, relaxed and radiant throughout the day.