Cute Spring Outfits for Toddler Girls

It is very much prevalent now that the earth is getting warmer. Yes, even though we hate to break it to ourselves, there is simply no running away from this harsh truth about climate change. You can choose to deny it, but we really should not. But wait, why are we talking about climate change anyway? Well, it is because Australia’s climate is going to be changing very soon since spring is arriving! Yes, sorry to catch you off-guard there, but it is what it is.

Since spring is going to be here any second, it is only fair that we dress for the occasion. And by “we”, we also mean the youngsters in the family. See, kids these days do not wish to go out of style for any season, no matter how young they are. So, the best way to make them happy is to sort out some adorable outfits for them. Here we are going to tell you about the cutest and most sustainable spring outfits for the toddler divas in your house.

kids spring clothes

First - let’s talk about the fabric.

It is in the denim

Yes, denim. Let us explain why we are endorsing denim for spring in the first place. Well, denim is always in style, and as it turns out, it can be great for spring and summer as well! Denim or jeans can be a great choice for outfit, especially in the form of shorts and pants. Elastane and breathable, this fabric is perfect for your toddlers to enjoy spring in.

Linen and Oh-so Cotton

You simply cannot go wrong with these two 100 per cent natural fabrics when it comes to spring dressing. They are light, breathable, and super comfortable, and can be made to look stylish in many cuts and colours. You have to check out Little Cheeks’ collection of linen and cotton dresses for baby girls to believe this. The colours of the kids dresses are soothing and the cuts- simple yet fashionable. You, as a parent, will surely love to pick up a couple of these pieces to dress up your little princess.

Now, let us see what all are in trend in terms of prints and cuts-

Give toddlers their flowers

Although this entry may seem kind of generic and done to death (It is!), florals still remain a little girl’s best friend. And yes, we can feel you rolling your eyes at our suggestion, but consider this, what else could look better on your little toddler than an intricately detailed floral dress with lace and gathers! Okay, sure, some things might come close to it, but in the end, girls just want their flowers, no matter the age. So, go ahead and check out some adorable and comfy pieces of kids floral dresses at Little Cheeks!

Sleeves can rest

We are firm believers of the notion that sleeves on dresses have a season and a reason, and spring is a season of putting sleeves away, and no reason is needed. Since the beauty of spring is in its temperature and liveliness, your little toddler divas can often get a little too excited to enjoy spring which inevitably results in a torn sleeve or at least a dirty sleeve. See, here is the thing, sleeves are great when there is a need for them, but honestly, if one is willing to lay to grass fields and run after butterflies (like some do) during this season, they might as well do without sleeves. So, sit back and let your toddlers enjoy their dresses in spring without having to tear them.

sleeveless tops

Let them romp

There has been some recent news about the resurgence of rompers in the fashion world, where men had taken it upon themselves to appreciate good old-fashioned rompers, known as RompHims. So, why not toddlers? Listen, we believe that in fashion, comfort and practicality should come first and as far as rompers are concerned, can there be a more practical and comfortable outfit? No! Rompers are like canvases and so so pretty that they make us squirm in joy. And of course, for your toddler divas, what else can be cuter than a floral romper? We leave it onto you to judge for yourself.

 Just ruffle things up

We have told you about many cute toddler outfit ideas so far. But it would be blasphemy to not talk a bit about ruffles and gathers in your toddler’s spring collection. Unlike denim, we don’t need to persuade you to believe us with this take; just imagine a white, fluffy, ruffle-y dress on your toddler during this spring, and you’re convinced!

 So, there you have it- the cutest outfits for your toddler girl to wear this upcoming season of spring in Australia. Deck her up, Mommy, and see her all smiles!