10 Tips for Dressing Your Toddler in the Summer

The sweltering months of summer call for special attention while dressing up your child. It is important to strike a good balance between style and comfort. A lot of precautions also need to be taken into account. Whether you buy from an online clothing store or at the department store, make sure that your kid feels cool and comfortable in the clothes you put on them and that they are protected from the harmful and intense rays of the sun.

Here are the top ten important tips for dressing your toddler during summer:

1. Opt for loose outfits: When the mercury starts to rise, dress up your child in easy breezy and simple outfits. Go minimal with layering. Loose kids dresses in Australia or just a t-shirt and shorts will keep your little one stay cool and comfortable.

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2. Go for natural, light and breathable fabric like cotton and linen: Lightweight cotton allows air to reach all body parts and lets sweat evaporate. This prevents irritation and gives a cooling effect to the skin. Linen is another amazing natural fabric. It is breathable and hence, ideal for kid's summer wear. It also has an insect-repelling property. So, it is doubly good for kids. Here is a range of cotton and linen kidswear in simple cuts and pastel shades that will leave you spoilt for choice.

3. Layer on the sunblock: It might be a bit tough to apply sunscreen on a fidgety toddler but don't skip it. This scorching Australian summer and the harsh sunburns make it inevitable to apply sunscreen on your little ones. Sunburns can make your skin highly vulnerable to many skin diseases in later stages of life. Good quality sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide help block out the harmful UV rays of the sun and keep the children safe as they play outdoors during the daytime. So apply enough sunscreen on your little toddlers- not only on their face but also on their hands and feet.

4. Include a sun hat: Sun hats are great to protect your little one's head, neck, scalp, ears, and especially, the face from the harmful sun rays. Look for a cap with a chin strap; better if you get one that is made out of 100% cotton.

5. Make them wear a pair of sunglasses: It's never too early to use sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Choose a pair of sunglasses that will block all the UVA and UVB rays completely. If your child won't keep them on, try adding an elastic band, and set a positive example for them by wearing a pair yourself whenever you're outside.

6. Choose the correct sleepwear: The warmth of your home will have a big impact on what your sweetie wears to bed in the summer. Short-sleeve cotton nightwear and a lightweight blanket are generally the best choices if you have the A/C on full all night. If your home is humid or your child gets hot while sleeping, a onesie and a light covering may be sufficient.

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7. Make them wear comfortable and light shoes: Don't make them wear heavy and warm shoes or boots during the summer months. Let the feet be partially exposed in order for the feet's sweat to evaporate.

8. Choose clothes that are tightly woven: Tightly woven clothes made out of cotton have the ability to block sun rays. Lower the fabric shines through better and more ideal it is for summer days. Choose long sleeve designs and pants in case your toddler is stepping out on an extreme summer afternoon.

9. If your toddler loves the pool or the beach: For such occasions, add up hats, sunglasses, and a good amount of sunscreen on your little one. Swimsuits with an inbuilt sun protection factor called UPS are available in the market. Get one of those suits as the UPS layer allows only 1/15th of the sun's rays to pass through it.

10. Choose light-coloured clothes: Light-coloured clothes are very soothing to the eyes and send out comforting vibes, which are ideal for the summers. Pastels are trending these days; and toddlers look really pretty in pastel shaded cotton and linen clothes. 

Summer is almost here, and children are more susceptible to overheating and sunburns when compared to adults. To avoid this, it is critical for parents to dress their toddlers in comfortable clothing. However, it does not mean you don't experiment with your child's fashion at all. Try dressing up you are little one in comfortable yet stylish clothes. Add fun accessories like sunglasses and hats to make them look even more stylish.

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